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  A US university will begin accepting the Chinese university entrance exam known as the Gaokao in an effort to attract more Chinese students.

­  为吸引更多中国学生,美国新罕布尔大学将接受以中国高考成绩申请入学。

­  The University of New Hampshire will be the first state university in the US to accept the standardised placement test.

­  这所大学将成为美国首个接受中国高考成绩申请的州立大学。

­  China is the largest exporter of students to the US, with 377,000 currently enrolled in US universities, according to government data.

­  美国联邦政府数据显示,中国是美国最大的留学生来源国,目前约有37.7万中国留学生在美就读。

­  The University of New Hampshire had 781 international undergraduate and graduate students on campus last fall, according to the?Union Leader?newspaper - double the figure from five years previous. About half of those foreign students - 357 - came from China.

­  新罕布什尔当地媒体《工会领袖报》报道称,去年秋季,新罕布什尔大学的在校海外本科生及研究生达到781人,比5年前翻了一倍,其中357人是中国学生,占到近一半。

­  As part of the new initiative, the university has launched a recruiting website in Chinese and English.

­  为宣传新的录取方式,这所大学已经上线了一个中英双语招生网站。

­  "This initiative is part of UNH"s commitment to attracting more and stronger applicants from around the world," said university spokeswoman Erika Mantz.

­  新罕布什尔大学发言人埃里卡-曼茨说:“这一项目旨在为学校吸引更多来自全球的优秀生源,学校一直致力于此。”

­  "This new programme will in no way limit access for New Hampshire students," she added.

­  她补充说:“这一新的招生项目将不会减少当地学生的入学人数。”

­  In addition to submitting their Gaokao results, students must also take an English test, participate in a video interview and send their high school transcripts before moving forward with the application process.

­  在申请前,除了提交高考成绩,申请者依然需要参加一项英语测试、一次视频面试,并提供他们在高中时候的成绩单。

­  Ms Mantz added that the process was still being finalised, but that Chinese students may still need to take the American SAT or ACT exam.

­  曼茨补充说,最终的录取标准仍未敲定,但中国的学生可能还得参加美国学业能力倾向测验(SAT)或美国大学入学考试(ACT)。

­  Students who are accepted will be able to begin classes in Durham this January, allowing them to start a semester early.

­  被录取的学生明年1月在达勒姆开学,比之前提早一个学期。

­  Previously, students from China would have had to wait for a new application period to begin in the autumn, putting them behind the rest of the first-year class.

­  此前,中国学生要等到秋季的新申请期,这使他们开学时间比其他一年级学生晚。

­  A similar programme at the University of San Francisco, a Jesuit college, allows Chinese students to bypass US standardised tests altogether and instead submit just their Gaokao score, grades, and English language interview.

­  美国旧金山大学耶稣会学院也有一个类似的项目,中国学生甚至不需要参加美国的标准化考试,只需提供高考成绩、高中成绩单并通过英语面试即可申请。

­  International enrolment - in which students are required to pay full priced tuition - helps universities bolster revenue.

­  海外招生项目通常需要缴纳全额学费,这是美国大学的重要资金来源。

­  The University of New Hampshire charges $45,000 per academic year for tuition and housing costs.

­  新罕布什尔大学每学年的学费和住宿费是4.5万美元(约合28.8万元人民币)。

­  Dozens of universities in Europe, Australia, and Canada already accept Gaokao results on applications.

­  欧洲、澳大利亚和加拿大的几十所大学已经接受学生用高考成绩申请入学。

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