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中英双语:世界各国奇葩校规盘点:脱鞋进课堂 禁止握手

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­  A school in north London has gone shoe-free in a bid to make children "feel more at home" in classes.

­  伦敦北部一所小学的师生上课不穿鞋,目的是让孩子在课堂里“感觉更自在”。

­  Pupils at the Torriano School in Kentish Town are being told to take off their shoes when they come inside in a move bosses hope will "take away the hierarchy" between children and teachers.

­  肯特镇托利亚诺小学让学生们进教室前脱掉鞋子,校领导希望这样可以消除师生之间的等级差异感。

­  The move comes after teachers from the school visited Finland, Iceland and Sweden, where the practice is more widespread.

­  该学校的老师们在访问了芬兰、冰岛和瑞典之后做出了这一决策,脱鞋上课的做法在这几个国家更盛行。

­  Headteacher Helen Bruckdorfer told?The Camden New Journal: "What resonated is this connection between home and school, which is very different to the way we organise school, and the need for children to feel comfortable and relaxed within the school setting when they come into the building.

­  校长海伦·布鲁克多佛告诉《卡姆登新学报》说:“那里的学校让人产生共鸣的是家和学校间的关系(和我们学校的组织方式差别很大)以及让孩子们在教室里感到舒适和放松的需要。”

­  "When you get home you come in and take your shoes off because you just sort of release that energy. You are able to think more clearly."

­  “你回到家后就会脱鞋,因为你需要释放自己。脱掉鞋子后你能更清晰地思考。”

­  The policy is being trialed in the school"s nursery, reception and Year 4 classes, but could be rolled out to the whole school if successful.

­  目前该校的托班、学前班和四年级正在试行脱鞋上课制度,如果成功的话将推广到整个学校。

­  Ms Bruckdorfer added: "It takes away the hierarchy because all of us, teachers and children, have to take our shoes off."

­  布鲁克多佛补充道:“这会消除教室里的等级差异感,因为所有老师和学生都要脱掉鞋子。”

­  She said the move is very popular among children, who have become "calmer" since they shed their shoes.

­  她说,这一做法非常受孩子欢迎,自从孩子们脱掉鞋子后,情绪稳定多了。

­  The school"s new policy follows research by Bournemouth University, which claimed "shoeless" children get better grades, behave better and are more likely to arrive to school on time.

­  在该校推行新政之前,伯恩茅斯大学的一项研究声称“不穿鞋”的孩子分数更高、表现更好,也更可能准时到校。

­  But critics have raised questions over how effective the policy really is.

­  但是批评人士对这一政策的有效性提出了质疑。

­  Chris McGovern, from the Campaign for Real Education, said the much-vaunted Finnish education system should not be seen to have all the answers.

­  真正教育运动组织的克里斯·麦戈文说,被吹捧过度的芬兰教育体系并不是万能的。

­  He told MailOnline: "Not all children wish to learn within a smelly feet environment. Let parents and pupils decide.

­  他告诉每日邮报网站说:“不是所有孩子都希望在散发着臭脚味的环境中学习。应该让父母和学生们来决定。”

­  "Almost 40 percent of primary school pupils are not reaching the govt"s floor standard in literacy and numeracy. Learning in one"s socks is unlikely to solve this problem may encourage to shoe-kicking bullies."

­  “大约40%的(英国)小学生的读写和算数水平都达不到政府的最低标准。穿着袜子上课不太可能解决这个问题,说不定还会引发踢鞋的欺凌行为。”

­  如果说禁止穿鞋上课只是有点臭,那么下面这些学校的奇葩禁令就让人有些哭笑不得了:

­  Holding Hands 握手

­  A bill passed in Tennessee declared hand-holding a "gateway sexual activity," with teachers facing firing for even demonstrating the action.

­  美国田纳西州通过了一项法案,宣称握手是“入门级性行为”,老师向学生演示握手都会被解雇。

­  Hugging 拥抱

­  Surprisingly, the ban on hugging isn"t a one-off rule at a select school, but a trend that seems to be spreading. Schools in Portland and Florida started instituting these rules in 2010, while administrations in New Jersey, Brooklyn took it upon themselves in 2012. For all, the reasoning appears to be the same: Respecting personal space and "unsuitable interactions" between students.

­  令人吃惊的是,禁止拥抱不只是某个学校的临时规定,而是一种正在散播的潮流。美国波特兰和佛罗里达的学校从2010年起开始推行这一禁令,新泽西和布鲁克林也从2012年开始实行。大家的理由都差不多:尊重私人空间,避免学生间“不适当的互动”。

­  Red Ink 红墨水

­  At schools in both Australia and the UK, green ink has replaced red ink in marking children"s paper because of its "confrontational" nature.

­  在澳大利亚和英国的一些学校,批改学生作业时的红墨水已被绿墨水取代,因为红墨水的视觉“冲击”更大。

­  Bookbags 书包

­  There"s plenty of debate about the best possible bookbag for kids -- but one school in Michigan doesn"t allow bags into the classroom at all. Citing safety concerns in lunchrooms and classes, the high school asked students to keep returning to their lockers between classes to retrieve the appropriate books.

­  人们常常讨论孩子背哪种书包最好,但美国密歇根的一所学校却禁止学生带书包进教室。这所高中让学生多次在课间去储物柜取教科书,理由是要保证食堂和课堂的安全。

­  Yoga Pants 瑜伽裤

­  An Ottawa school banned yoga pants -- unless the tight bottoms were covered up with long shirts.

­  加拿大渥太华的一所学校禁止学生穿瑜伽裤,除非上衣能把屁股盖住。

­  Best Friends 好朋友

­  No more BFFs for you, British kids! At a few UK schools, teachers are preventing children from making "best friends" in an attempt to save others" feelings.

­  英国孩子们,你们再也没有“永远的好朋友”了!在英国的几所学校,为了照顾其他学生的感受,老师会阻止孩子交“永远的好朋友”。

­  Ugg Boots UGG牌靴子

­  It might get chilly in Pennsylvania, but students there won"t be allowed to wear their sheepskin Ugg boots into class, thanks to the potential for storing contraband like cell phones in the roomy footwear.

­  在美国宾夕法尼亚州有时会很冷,但学校不允许学生们穿UGG牌的羊皮靴进教室,因为这种宽大的靴子里能装得下手机等禁带品。

­  Baggy Pants 阔腿裤

­  You may have thought baggy pants were more of a "90s thing, but schools today are continuing to push for bans on the sagging pants, with some schools claiming it interferes with learning, and others saying the style is related to gangs.

­  你也许以为阔腿裤是90年代流行的东西,但今天的学校还在禁止学生穿阔腿裤,一些学校声称阔腿裤妨碍学习,还有一些学校说阔腿裤的风格像黑帮。

­  Skinny Jeans 紧身牛仔裤

­  And then there"s the opposite end of the spectrum. Much like yoga pants, skinny jeans have been banned in schools all over the place, due to their lack of modesty and distraction factor for the opposite sex.

­  和阔腿裤相反的裤子也同样被禁止。和瑜伽裤一样,有很多学校都禁止穿紧身牛仔裤,因为在学校里穿紧身牛仔裤不够得体,而且会让异性分心。

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